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"I hereby decree all shall follow the abovementioned blog"

Obey the King!

well I can’t argue with that

02 September 2014 · 29 notes


New Sailor Moon Crystal posters and puzzles! Stay tuned for shopping links!

31 August 2014 · 58 notes

Anonymous whispered,

I walked past you at Fan Expo while I was leaving and didn't even register that I did until later! Hope you had a fun day :)



OHHHHHH POOPY THAT SUCKS!!! If you ever see me at a con again, make sure you say hi!!

And I definitely did have a fun day! They had this GIANT ABBYS LIFE-SIZED REI PLUSHIE that I regret not buying though ;-; aaagghh ahah

BUT IT WAS ALL FUN REGARDLESS and I met Todd Haberkorn and Matt Smith liked my bowtie(???? he was referring to the bow on my Chibiusa costume as a bowtie but w/e) andddd YEAH!

I hope you had fun too!!! :D

the bow tie thing tho

31 August 2014 · 7 notes

(Source: puritychalice)

31 August 2014 · 2,615 notes


31 August 2014 · 5 notes

I think she just enjoys watching them do silly things

31 August 2014 · 35 notes

she’s practicing in random places even though she’s still hurt

she really is Hinata 

31 August 2014 · 7 notes

also guys

I hope you know

I was kind of kidding when I said Mamo had abs

I stayed up to all hours babysitting my cousins last night and the con was the day before so I’m legit just typing random stuff

31 August 2014 · 3 notes

… why didn’t she just… stay in cat form?

31 August 2014 · 33 notes

Anonymous whispered,

....dude. He has no abs. He's so skinny he's only got one side. Oh my god.