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The joke is amusing and all, but not gonna lie, I’m pretty sad that Umino’s included in this, especially since the other half of the “crap guy” equation is Jadeite.


Umino may not have the dark good looks of Mamoru, and he certainly doesn’t waste his time pretending that he’s not a dork, but really? We have a series with creepers like Diamande, and we’re going to go with Umino? Easily one of the sweetest guys in the entire Sailor Moon universe, who’s brave and loyal and tries his absolute best to be worthy of the girl he loves every single day? It breaks my heart a little that he’s sneered at because he’s not a dashing pretty boy.

Anybody should consider themselves lucky as hell to have a partner like Umino. We should all be as loved as he loves Naru.

Not to mention we all know that behind those glasses he’s probably really good looking, just like Princess Dia

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    If you consider the possibility that the Shitennou being paired with the inner senshi in their past lives then he could...
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