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For today’s featured hairstyle, I wanted to compare the hairstyles of Queen Nehellenia and Queen Serenity.

In the manga, these two are established as being sort of mirror images of each other— one reflecting light, the other darkness. There is even some suggestion that they are twin sisters, having come from the same place. Although the origins of Nehellenia in the anime are different, her position as the mirror opposite of Serenity is still clear.

While Serenity’s hair is a light silvery colour, almost reminiscent of a bright full moon, Nehellenia’s hair is dark with blue highlights, as if depicting the moonless sky (that is, a new moon). Both of them have long flowing hair, but Serenity’s is entirely in two sections (the same style as her daughter’s hair), while Nehellenia’s hair flows freely and wildly. They both have the same round odangoes, and bangs that are split at the centre of their forehead, but Nehellenia’s bangs seem sharp and pointed relative to Serenity’s round and soft bangs.

Despite their differences, their hairstyles are undeniably similar. Whether this is because they have similar preferences (thus suggesting that the line between good and evil is not as distinct as we may think), because they have similar origins (with the same customs, or family traditions), or because Nehellenia wishes to mimic the actions of the Queen of the Moon and take them for her own is unclear, but I think that all of these concepts are equally valid and important to consider.

26 May 2013 · 71 notes

Tagged: Sailor Moon. Queen Nehellenia. Queen Serenity. featured SM hair.

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