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Today’s featured location is the Amazon Trio’s bar, seen in Supers, from episode 128 to 148.

Unlike the majority of the previous villains, the members of the Amazon Trio generally get along and formulate plans together. While sitting at their bar making small conversation and enjoying drinks, they will sort through the photos of targets for the search for Pegasus. Typically, one of them will end up selecting an individual from the pile based entirely on the person’s looks, which apparently suit their “type”. For instance, Fisheye prefers going after handsome young men, Tiger’s Eye prefers young ladies, and Hawk’s Eye prefers more mature women. 

The bar is the place for the three to bond, and to talk about other problems or concerns they might be facing. Through their conversations at the bar we can watch them grow from rather shallow people with one single purpose, to unique individuals who have come to question their surroundings and want to find their own place in the world. 

29 June 2013 · 12 notes

Tagged: Sailor Moon. featured SM location. Tiger's Eye. Hawk's Eye. Fisheye. Amazon Trio.