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Today’s featured item is Perle’s flute, from the SuperS movie, Black Dream Hole.

Perle is a fairy, and like the other fairies, his powers manifest themselves through the music he plays on his flute. He first demonstrates his abilities when he encounters Chibiusa outside of a sweet shop. After telling Chibiusa that the sweets are so happy that they are about to dance around, Chibiusa runs up to take a look, but can’t visualize them dancing. Perle plays his flute, and the sweets start to dance before her eyes. She is so excited by what he did that she gives him all of the cookies she had baked, even though she had planned to give them to Mamoru.

At the end of the movie, he gives Chibiusa his flute as a thank you for helping him to realize what the right thing to do is. This should be considered an incredibly significant gesture considering the importance of the flute to the livelihood of the fairies in the movie— Poupelin, Perle’s brother, turned into a bird after his flute was destroyed. 

25 July 2013 · 75 notes

Tagged: Sailor Moon. featured SM item. Perle. Chibiusa. Sailor Chibi Moon.

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