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Today’s featured item is Ail’s flute, first seen in episode 47, Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear. 

Ail is able to use his flute in both his normal alien form and his human disguise, however its magical abilities seem to be more effective when he is not disguised. 

Ail uses his flute to summon Cardians by playing a particular tune. He is also able to control the Makaiju to some extent by playing his flute (for instance, in his first appearance his playing causes the Makaiju to provide the weakened En with some more energy), though as time goes on the tree begins to gain more and more of its own will and becomes difficult to control. 

Ail also plays his flute for pleasure, especially near the start of the season. The flute seems to be a source of comfort and security for him, allowing him to feel at home wherever he is. It is possible that it also allows him to feel powerful no matter what, with the knowledge that he can use the flute to summon a Cardian at any time. 

Since Ail and En are both drifters that travel from planet to planet with only themselves and their tree, the origin of the flute is unknown. I suspect, however, that it is a wooden flute, carved from the Makaiju itself, and it is this that gives the instrument its powers. 

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