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Today’s featured eyes are the eyes of the SuperS movie, Black Dream Hole.

When Usagi and Chibiusa are finally able to see each other again after Chibiusa was taken by Queen Badiane, they look into each other’s eyes, showing both joy at finding one another, and faith in each other’s abilities. Chibiusa teases Usagi for being late, and Usagi teases her back. Despite this, however, their trials are still not over, as Badiane still holds Chibiusa captive. Perle, Usagi and the other Senshi try to get her to return Chibiusa, but she is too powerful, and grows more powerful as she begins to draw from Chibiusa’s own energy. 

Determined to rescue Chibiusa, Perle prepares a boat for himself and Usagi which moves forward by the power of the thoughts they hold of Chibiusa. Badiane’s barrier is still too powerful however, and Perle begins to lose hope. At this moment, Usagi notices that Perle has carried with him Chibiusa’s bag of cookies the entire time. She opens the bag and takes out a cookie, remembering Chibiusa’s determination and excitement while making them. She exclaims that the cookies will give the person who eats them courage and power, eats one, and prepares to jump through the barrier towards Badiane herself.

This scene in particular has some beautiful closeups of eyes. The love that Chibiusa and Usagi have for each other, and the complete trust Chibiusa has in Usagi all show through how they look at each other. Perle and Usagi’s eyes also show great determination to work together. Though they hardly know each other, their eyes show that they trust each other, having come to an understanding that they both deeply care for Chibiusa and want her to be safe.  

17 September 2013 · 34 notes

Tagged: featured eyes. Chibiusa. Usagi Tsukino. Perle. Sailor Moon. Sailor Chibi Moon.