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Today’s featured minor villain is Esmeraude, who first appears in episode episode 73, A UFO Appears! The Sailor Senshi are Abducted.

When we first see Esmeraude, she seems to be fiercely competitive, stopping at nothing to get ahead— even if it means allowing one of her own Clan members, Rubeus, die. We quickly learn that the reason for this is her desire to gain favour with Prince Dimande, the leader of the clan, who she is in love with. 

Throughout the series, Esmeraude’s actions are more about impressing the man she loves than about what the true goal of the Black Moon Clan is. Every move she makes is an attempt to be recognized by Dimande. Despite this, Dimande ignores her advances, often finding her irritating, especially her obnoxious laugh. 

She never gives up, though, and has a dream to become Queen alongside Dimande. Wiseman takes advantage of this weakness in her heart in order to use her for his own purposes. He convinces her that by wearing the crown of Black Crystal she will be able to become the Queen Dimande desires. Instead, it transforms her into a dragon whose only intent is to destroy. Recognizing that the dragon’s true form is a person’s heart, Usagi uses Moon Princess Halation to release her heart once more. Although she does not survive, before she disappears we see her spirit appear peaceful, and still wearing the crown that represented the sacrifices she was willing to make for the man she loved. 

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